Life in OZ


Nothing. We’re just like everyone else, apart from our accent, our animals and our clock.

Geographically we’re positioned around ten thousand miles distant from our cousins in the US and Europe, thus our time difference. When you ski, we go to the beach. When you sleep, we work.

We’ve been brothers in battle, rivals on the sporting arena and partners in commerce. And friends forever.

June marks the beginning of our winter while December heralds the arrival of summer. Our population sits at around twenty three million. Our major cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and our national capital is Canberra.

In size, Australia is similar to mainland USA with an east-to-west width in excess of 2,500 miles. Unlike the States however, the vast majority of our continent is uninhabited desert. More than 95% of our population resides within sixty miles of the coastline.

Another of Australia’s greatest features is the wonderful array of wildlife on our shores, and I’m not referring to our teenage kids. We have the only two egg-laying marsupials, the platypus and the echidna, kangaroos, koalas and of course a number of the world’s deadliest snakes.

Geoff has located a number of videos pertaining to our great country. The first features our most famous, and now glamourized bushranger, Ned Kelly. In reality Kelly was a murderous thief, but a bit like your Jesse James he’s been portrayed as a victim.

Thank you, and take it away, Geoff.

This is an interesting YouTube video about Australian history and culture.


Australia is a multicultural country and we enjoy a wide variety of food.
We have a strong Asian influence, along with great wines and many local specialties.


And last you’ll need to get to know some of the local wildlife. This slideshow should help you get started.