Bob, 30 pages to go and hope there is a sequel. Envious and happy for you. Will not predict ending as readers do because of Wham Bam bye-bye Father Tim in middle of book. Read that page three times to conceptualise what happened. Mr Bob, special book. I hope you are making heaps because I have loved it. 30 pages to go.

Gary H
Primary School Principal

Hi Bob, I really enjoyed your book, The Ultimate Betrayal. This book was so exciting I just couldn’t put it down. The plot was great and I would say you are a great storyteller, as good as Baldacci. I can’t wait for your next book,

Jan Wallis

I’ve just finished reading The Ultimate Betrayal and I enjoyed it very much,

N K (Nancy) Wagner
Editor Page & Spine

A couple of months ago, my sister handed me an
unpublished manuscript titled The Ultimate Betrayal. It was,
she said, the work of a former work colleague.
With nothing else to read, and out of curiosity, I
picked up the manuscript’s first couple of pages. Two hours
later, I’d missed dinner and was deeply immersed in a
gripping thriller. The plot, the characters and the desire to
discover more had taken control. The Ultimate Betrayal had
won its first fan.
The action moves at a frantic pace and the characters
grow as the story develops. One never quite knew who could
be trusted. The Ultimate Betrayal really was one of the better
reads I’ve come across this past year and I wholeheartedly
recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great read.

Mitchell Starr
Flight Attendant


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  1. I read that you wrote your story on I was just wondering if you ever thought people would take your story idea? I just started on that website and it scares me. I love the website I just dont know what to do.

    • Derek,

      I still belong to fanstory and like you I must confess to a degree of skepticism when it comes to sites like this. I have however been advised that your work is copywrited the instant you display it under your name. Good luck with your writing and sorry I took so long to reply

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